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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product Review: Fried Onions

I've been shopping at the Asian Markets around Long Island for time now. There are a few products I like to keep on hand in my spice cabinet. One of them is fried onions. Now these are a lot different from the french fried onions you put over your string bean casserole. Those are more like onion flavored chips. This products is real fried onions, that's it. There's not even salt in it.

I use this product for a variety of things. Its in my secret meatball recipe for instance. Also great for a salad topping. While there is no substitute for the real thing I have also been lazy and used thesein place of real onions. They are really cheap too and last forever.


- if you use in place of real onion just add them at the end of your recipe
-Asian markets also sell fried shallots. I have used both products and I cant really tell the difference.


Summers in Love said...

Ohh I love fried onions in the form of rings!

lalaine said...

I use this often in my cooking. Aside from fried shallots, fried garlic is also available. Love it on top of fried rice! Thanks for sharing.

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