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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dish Spotlight: Hamachi Kama

This is something you do not see a lot on menus in Long Island. This is Hamachi Kama which is the collar bone of the Yellowtail Tuna. I ordered this as an appetizer at Izumi in Bethpage. For $10 you get a very generous cut of fish that is simply seasoned and grilled served with some ponzo sauce on the side. You have to pick the meat out with your chopsticks, sometimes navigating through some tiny bones. If I were home I would of picked this thing up like a chicken wing and gnaw at it. The meat from the collar and the cheek(any Hannibal fans out there?) are revered for their tenderness and flavor. Its nothing to weird for you picky eaters out there so do not be scared if you see it on the menu.

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