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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Orient, Bethpage NY

Sometimes places live up to their hype and sometimes they don't. The Orient in Bethpage is a pretty popular Chinese spot that offers all of the usual Chinese American dishes(General Tso,Chop Suey, etc) but they also have some more authentic dishes as well. In particular they serve Dim Sum.

Dim Sum literally means' a bit of heart'. They are small bites of food served during morning hours until early afternoon. Dim Sum is usually served with tea. Here are some dishes from a recent visit.

This dish may not be particularly attractive but it is very good. This is steamed spare ribs. The ribs are chopped into small pieces and are steamed in a sweet sauce. You have to get your hands dirty with these suckers but it is worth it.

These little guys are steamed pork buns. These are a very common chinese street food. The bread buns have chopped barbecue pork on the inside.

This dish is very basic but the texture is not for everyone. This are steamed rice noodles with scallions. The rice noodles are very slippery and slimy. I like them but they are not for everyone.

Dumplings of all kinds are served during at the Orient. My waiter recommended these. They are pan friend leek dumpling. Inside of them are leeks and shrimp.

Awesome dish right here. Bean curd meat roll. Seasoned pork wrapped in tofu skin.

This one is a favorite of mine as well. Green Pepper with shrimp stuffing. Lots of nice flavors and textures.

This orient also serves traditional Congee(rice porage) and a number of other great dishes you may not find at the usual take out place. Go with friends and family and share


Fast Service
Simple Decor
Handicap accessible
Alcohol served
Good Parking Lot
Open 7 days a week

623 Hicksville Rd, Bethpage - (516) 822-1010
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