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Monday, March 9, 2009

Product Spotlight: Yves Meatless Bologna

Had some family over yesterday for a quick get together. I made the usual antipasto that everyone seems to enjoy. To accommodate a vegetarian in the family I decided to add in some meat subsitute to my platter(I hope non of my Italian relatives read this or they will beat me with a wooden spoon). It was a meatless bologna produced by Yves.

If you have read my blog before than you already know that I have a strange fascination with fugazi meat products. Being an animal lover I'm always looking for a product to sway me to a vegetarian life style. This unfortunately is not the product.

The main problem with YMB(Yves Meatless Bologna..damn I had to spell it out anyway!!) is not the flavor but the TEXTURE. The grainy dry texture leaves a lot to be desired . I had the leftovers on a sandwich today and I was practically choking on it.

So for flavor its not bad but for texture purposes I cannot recommend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking for a recipe and found your post about the Yves bologna. Have you tried LightLife Smart Deli Bologna?
I've tried their bologna and the baked ham (which i heat in a pan before putting on a sandwich); both are really good!

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