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Friday, January 23, 2009

Snack Spotlight: Cajun Creole ' Hot Nuts'

This is a interesting product. I have had salted peanuts in a shell before but I never have had flavored peanuts in a shell until now.

Though the name conjures up thoughts of a porno movie, Hot Nuts is a decent snack. The package is pretty eye catching and is probably the reason why I purchased this product. The front of the bag has a reddish tint which gives the consumer the idea that the nuts would be dusted with some sort of spicy red powder. I was mistaken. The seasoning is actually colorless. Lack of color does not mean lack of flavor though. These peanuts really had some nice spicy heat to them. After eating a few of them I had to draw for a drink of water to cool off my mouth. I did realize after I ate some more of these that the heat did dissipate from my mouth pretty quickly. Sort of like wasabai.

All in all its a pretty good snack for those who like peanuts and spicy foods(or both!)


* I made the mistake of rubbing my eyes after eating these. I felt like a dog that was doused with pepper spray from a mailman. Please wash your hands thoroughly after eating.

* Go to for more info on this product

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Glad to see you're back! I'll take your word and try this one out.

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