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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Product Spotlight : The Ove Glove

Yeah I got the Ove Glove. You want to make something of it? Before you answer that question let me tell you a few things about my Ove Glove. My Ove Glove has an outer layer of Kevlar on it and can withstand heat up to 480 degrees F. It is also flame resistant. You scared yet? Well you should be because my Ove Glove has a five finger grip that can be used on either hand for maximum mobility.

OK, enough joking. I just find the whole Ove Glove idea humorous. Afterall I think the oven mitt has been doing a fine job for home chefs for the past gazillion years. What does the Ove Glove have over a oven mitt? Well it's more comfortable. But does a oven mitt really need to comfortable? You can maneuver your fingers better in an Ove Glove. OK that might come in handy once in a blue moon.

Now lets discuss what oven mitts have over the Ove Glove. How about when you purchase oven mitts you get TWO mitts. One for each hand. Only one Ove Glove comes in the box. While I like the idea that I can be the Michael Jackson of my kitchen dancing around with my one white Ove Glove that's not going to help me take out a cassarole from my oven.

Another thing I do not like about it is if you get the Ove Glove wet renders it useless. Knit cotton absorbs water and water conducts heat. Very well I might add.

Unless you need to complete your info-merical kitchen collection I think you can pass on the Ove Glove.

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