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Friday, July 24, 2009

Restaurant Review: La Candela in Hicksville

Man as a food lover I am lucky to be working in Hicksville. At my fingertips I have some of the best ethnic food(especially Indian) in 3 mile stretch of Route 107. My new favorite spot in La Candela a Peruvian restaurant previously occupied by the short lived Fusion Wraps. Besides La Candela the only Peruvian cuisine I have tried is a rotisserie chicken place in Bay Shore called LAS BRASAS which is good but its more of a take out joint. La Candela on the other hand is very inviting sit down restaurant from the decor to the service. You are greeted my smiling faces that lead you to your table. As a added treat you are givin some pieces of toasted corn kernels to snack on while you browse the extensive menu. One can tell the owners really but their time and effort into their restaurant.

La Candela offers a wide variety of Ceviche. Ceviche is raw fish marinated in citrus which 'cooks' the fish. My first time I tried the Ceviche Triple with has Tirdito(fish strips in a yellow pepper sauce), Ceviche Pescado(Chunks of fish in lemon juice) and a mixture of Shrimp and Calamari. The waitress asked me how spicy I wanted it I told her medium because I wanted to see what I was getting into. It was spicy but not unbearable. If you are new to this type of cuisine this what I suggest trying.

Ceviche Triple

Out of the three I liked the Tiradito the best. Next I time I went I just asked for an order of that. This time I told her I wanted it spicy. It was so good that I after the fish was gone I was sipping the juices(which is also called Leche Di Tiger, or milk of the tiger, because it enhances ones stamina in the sack).


If it is too spicy have a sip of a Chicha Morada. This is a native drink made with purple corn and various spices.

Chicha Morada

There are some really nice seafood choices on the menu as well. The waitress recommended that I try the Pescado a lo Macho. This dish consists of a fried fish fillet topped with Calamari, Mussels and Shrimp in a special seafood sauce. Good stuff. Fish was fried perfectly and not over cooked. Calamari was a little tough but the mussels and shrimp were good. The sauce while not spicy is very good and ties everything together.

Pescado a lo Macho

I was curious to compare their chicken to the place in Bay Shore I spoke about before. Pollado is fried chicken pieces in a Peruvian Sauce. This was really good. Crispy, juicy and flavorful The chicken was not drowned in sauce like I pictured in my head but rather lightly tossed. I sensed some pepper and cumin flavors. Served with a salad and fried potatoes I highly recommend this dish.


There are also some beef dishes on the menu. Bisket a lo Pobre is a thin steak serves with fries,white rice,plantains and a fried egg. The piece of beef while well seasoned is a little on the chewy side. I've had similar beef dishes like this in other Latino restaurants so I was not surprised by this. The egg over the rice is a nice touch though especially if you let the yolk fall into the rice

Bistek a lo Pombre

I really like this place a lot. Most dishes are $10-$12 so you get a lot of tasty home cooked food for your money.

There are also pasta, soups,Chinese Peruvian and desert dishes on the menu


Good Parking
Handicap accessible
No alcohol served, dont know if the honor BYOB
Open for lunch m-f
Delivery available
Private Party Room
495 South Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dish Spotlight: Hamachi Kama

This is something you do not see a lot on menus in Long Island. This is Hamachi Kama which is the collar bone of the Yellowtail Tuna. I ordered this as an appetizer at Izumi in Bethpage. For $10 you get a very generous cut of fish that is simply seasoned and grilled served with some ponzo sauce on the side. You have to pick the meat out with your chopsticks, sometimes navigating through some tiny bones. If I were home I would of picked this thing up like a chicken wing and gnaw at it. The meat from the collar and the cheek(any Hannibal fans out there?) are revered for their tenderness and flavor. Its nothing to weird for you picky eaters out there so do not be scared if you see it on the menu.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Orient, Bethpage NY

Sometimes places live up to their hype and sometimes they don't. The Orient in Bethpage is a pretty popular Chinese spot that offers all of the usual Chinese American dishes(General Tso,Chop Suey, etc) but they also have some more authentic dishes as well. In particular they serve Dim Sum.

Dim Sum literally means' a bit of heart'. They are small bites of food served during morning hours until early afternoon. Dim Sum is usually served with tea. Here are some dishes from a recent visit.

This dish may not be particularly attractive but it is very good. This is steamed spare ribs. The ribs are chopped into small pieces and are steamed in a sweet sauce. You have to get your hands dirty with these suckers but it is worth it.

These little guys are steamed pork buns. These are a very common chinese street food. The bread buns have chopped barbecue pork on the inside.

This dish is very basic but the texture is not for everyone. This are steamed rice noodles with scallions. The rice noodles are very slippery and slimy. I like them but they are not for everyone.

Dumplings of all kinds are served during at the Orient. My waiter recommended these. They are pan friend leek dumpling. Inside of them are leeks and shrimp.

Awesome dish right here. Bean curd meat roll. Seasoned pork wrapped in tofu skin.

This one is a favorite of mine as well. Green Pepper with shrimp stuffing. Lots of nice flavors and textures.

This orient also serves traditional Congee(rice porage) and a number of other great dishes you may not find at the usual take out place. Go with friends and family and share


Fast Service
Simple Decor
Handicap accessible
Alcohol served
Good Parking Lot
Open 7 days a week

623 Hicksville Rd, Bethpage - (516) 822-1010

Monday, March 9, 2009

Product Spotlight: Yves Meatless Bologna

Had some family over yesterday for a quick get together. I made the usual antipasto that everyone seems to enjoy. To accommodate a vegetarian in the family I decided to add in some meat subsitute to my platter(I hope non of my Italian relatives read this or they will beat me with a wooden spoon). It was a meatless bologna produced by Yves.

If you have read my blog before than you already know that I have a strange fascination with fugazi meat products. Being an animal lover I'm always looking for a product to sway me to a vegetarian life style. This unfortunately is not the product.

The main problem with YMB(Yves Meatless Bologna..damn I had to spell it out anyway!!) is not the flavor but the TEXTURE. The grainy dry texture leaves a lot to be desired . I had the leftovers on a sandwich today and I was practically choking on it.

So for flavor its not bad but for texture purposes I cannot recommend.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Product Spotlight : The Ove Glove

Yeah I got the Ove Glove. You want to make something of it? Before you answer that question let me tell you a few things about my Ove Glove. My Ove Glove has an outer layer of Kevlar on it and can withstand heat up to 480 degrees F. It is also flame resistant. You scared yet? Well you should be because my Ove Glove has a five finger grip that can be used on either hand for maximum mobility.

OK, enough joking. I just find the whole Ove Glove idea humorous. Afterall I think the oven mitt has been doing a fine job for home chefs for the past gazillion years. What does the Ove Glove have over a oven mitt? Well it's more comfortable. But does a oven mitt really need to comfortable? You can maneuver your fingers better in an Ove Glove. OK that might come in handy once in a blue moon.

Now lets discuss what oven mitts have over the Ove Glove. How about when you purchase oven mitts you get TWO mitts. One for each hand. Only one Ove Glove comes in the box. While I like the idea that I can be the Michael Jackson of my kitchen dancing around with my one white Ove Glove that's not going to help me take out a cassarole from my oven.

Another thing I do not like about it is if you get the Ove Glove wet renders it useless. Knit cotton absorbs water and water conducts heat. Very well I might add.

Unless you need to complete your info-merical kitchen collection I think you can pass on the Ove Glove.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snack Spotlight: Cajun Creole ' Hot Nuts'

This is a interesting product. I have had salted peanuts in a shell before but I never have had flavored peanuts in a shell until now.

Though the name conjures up thoughts of a porno movie, Hot Nuts is a decent snack. The package is pretty eye catching and is probably the reason why I purchased this product. The front of the bag has a reddish tint which gives the consumer the idea that the nuts would be dusted with some sort of spicy red powder. I was mistaken. The seasoning is actually colorless. Lack of color does not mean lack of flavor though. These peanuts really had some nice spicy heat to them. After eating a few of them I had to draw for a drink of water to cool off my mouth. I did realize after I ate some more of these that the heat did dissipate from my mouth pretty quickly. Sort of like wasabai.

All in all its a pretty good snack for those who like peanuts and spicy foods(or both!)


* I made the mistake of rubbing my eyes after eating these. I felt like a dog that was doused with pepper spray from a mailman. Please wash your hands thoroughly after eating.

* Go to for more info on this product
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