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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner Tonight: Pancetta Wrapped Cod

This isn't so much a recipe more so a technique. An easy one at that. Wrapping seafood in a salty fatty cold cut like pancetta is a good way to infuse flavor into seafood.

I heard pancetta described as Italian bacon but this is only partially true. Yes, it is from the same cut of pork as bacon but that is where the similarities end. Bacon is smoked while pancetta is cured in salt. The curing process enables pancetta to be safely consumed raw and bacon as we all no is as lethal raw as it is delicious fried. Either way both products are damn good but in their own way.

Pancetta is usually found in spirals. The best way to use the pancetta in this method is to unravel the spirial into thinner pieces and than wrapping it around the fish. This will give a more tighter wrap. Also if you try this use a piece of fish that is in a loin type shape. Other good choice besides cod would be monkfish of halibut.
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