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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dinner Tonight: Wings!!!

I have to tell you I love wings. Unfortunately for the chicken population I am not alone.
Sometime in recent history some culinary genius from upstate NY came up with the idea for Buffalo Wings and since then Americans have been eating them in large quantities. Not many other foods around are as messy to eat as wings yet they are eaten with such gusto that we seem to ignore they fact that we look animal like as we consume them. In front of a television hunched over a plate of wings with blue cheese and celery pieces is a glorious place to be.

Buffalo Wings are traditionaly fried but tonight I prepared them on my grill. A part of me has always been scared to own a fryer. I envision myself at 2 o'clock in the morning frying hunks of cheese and I do not want to go down that road. Anyway,I made them with two different sauces. One a traditional Buffalo style sauce and another an Asian inspired sauce. Well actually I didn't prepare the Buffalo sauce I used a bottled sauce and as a foodie I am not ashamed to admit it. I have successfully made Buffalo sauce before it essentially is butter and hot sauce but I found a bottled brand that actually is good. It is made by Mikee. I purchased it at a speciality store but I have seen it in supermarkets as well. Its a really good product. Simply toss the cooked wings in the sauce when done. Its pretty spicy already but if its not to your liking you can always kick it up a notch with some more hot sauce.

The Asian inspired sauce I made from scratch. The base of the sauce is made from a Taiwanese barbecue sauce from a company called Bull Head. This sauce and American barbecue sauce couldn't be more different. Bull Head sauce is a known as Sha Cha sauce and China and the base is made from dried fish. The texture is gritty almost like a wet rub. The flavor of fish is subtle and it has a spicy aftertaste. I mixed it with a few other ingredients.

Asian Barbecue Sauce:

2 Tblespns Bull Head Barbecue Sauce
1 Tblespn Oyster Sauce
1 tspn cider vinegar
1 hot sauce to taste

Mix ingredients and bring to a boil then toss the wings in the sauce after they are cooked. I usually grill wings about 7 minutes or so on each side.


* Bull Head Sauce is a common product in Asian markets

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