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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Restaurant Review: House Of Dosa's, Hicksville NY

Recently I discovered a new type of dish called a Dosa. Dosa's are large crepes native to Southern India. They are normally consumed for breakfast but they really can be enjoyed anytime of day.

House Of Dosa's in Hicksville, NY is a vegetarian restaurant specializing in this dish and has received stellar reviews from critics including a 25 for food in the Zagat survey. I first tried a dosa a few months ago and I was instantly hooked. They are light and flaky rice based crepes that you can get filled with a number of ingredients ranging from potatoes and onions to spinach and cheese. On a recent visit there I invited two friends for lunch who have never tried a dosa before.

The restaurant itself is in a little strip of stores on a busy road in Hicksville. There is really no ambiance to speak of. It has around 20 tables or so and the decor is modest to say the least. This not a place to come to for the surroundings. HOD is a place strictly for the food.

We started off with Lassi's, which are cold yogurt beverages served in a metal cup. My friend found the cup humorous and compared it to the cup used in Friendly's to make Fribbles. I explained to him that all the food and beverages in HOD are served in metal cups and plates. I am not sure if this is unique to HOD or the norm for these type of restaurants. Lassi's are very refreshing and the flavor really offsets the spicy food.

For lunch we ordered two dosa's and a Thali lunch special which consists of rice,pancakes and a array of different condiments. HOD also offers a number of rice dishes. I ordered the Tamarind Rice for the table which is a personal favorite of mine.
Thali Lunch Special

The first thing my friends commented on were the size of the dosa's. I too had the same reaction initially. The huge crepes overlap the plates. Dosa's are served with Sambar, which is a vegetable soup, and two types of chutneys one is a spicy coconut chutney and the other a savory coriander chutney. My friend ordered the potato and onion dosa and I had a tofu dosa while my friends wife had the Thali lunch special. Everything was delicious. The particular dosa's we ordered were only moderately spicy and the condiments with the Thali lunch special range from sweet to very spicy.
Tofu Dosa

Masala Dosa(potato and onion)

All in all I think my friends enjoyed their first experience with dosa's. As for me I just crave them all the time now and can't wait to return. *** out of ****. Excellent


Dosa's range from $5 to $9 and they are very filling.
Waiter service is very quick and attentive.
No alcohol is served in this establishment.
Take out service is available.
Additional Parking in rear.


Ian said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks.

Sorry to be picky, but I need to point out a correction on a point of grammar. The apostrophe in the name "House of Dosa's" does not belong there, and perhaps its appearance on the restaurant's sign has tricked you into using it in your article ("Dosi's", "Lassi's").

The apostrophe only belongs there if you meant to show possession, e.g. "The lassi's flavor was sweet." Otherwise, it should be like "we started off with lassis".

Again, sorry to nitpick, but I thought it would be better if you knew. Keep up the good work on the blog- I'm enjoying the recipes.


NoNiceTime said...


I am sure I knew this at one point in my life. Thanks for the tips I need all the help I can get!

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