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Monday, April 7, 2008

Dinner Tonight: Grilled Seafood w/ Salsa Verde

Well spring has finally sprung. Baseball has started, the flowers will soon be in bloom and more importantly the grill has been unleashed. I wanted to make something different since it's been a while since my grill was lit. One that stood out was a recipe for Salsa Verde. From what I have read this is a pretty popular Mexican sauce with a base of Tomatillo and Cilantro. In case you don't know Tomtillio are those little green tomato looking things covered with a green husk. I have tried one before but not in this application.

While crawling the web for Salsa Verde recipes I saw a ton of varations . I decided to just pick and choose. So I took a ride to the market to pick up the ingriedients for the sauce. When I went to grab a bunch of cilantro I was distracted by a pungent odor. It was a strong Cilantro odor but oddly enough it wasn't coming from the Cilantro. It was another green herb which I later found out to be Culantro. Latino cuisine is definitly not my forte and I wasnt fimilar with this herb. I tasted a little piece of it and it tasted like Cilantro but a little but stronger in flavor. I went with it versus the Cilantro.

Salsa Verde

approx 1 Cup chopped Culantro(or Cilantro)
3 Jalepeno Peppers, seeded and pilth removed, chopped
4 tomatillos, husk revmoved,chopped
1 Bunch Scallions Chopped
1 clove of garlic chopped

Combine all ingriedients in a blender or food processor and mix until smooth. Thats it.


* If you do decide try this don't be afraid to deviate from the recipe above. Especially when it comes to the Culantro over the Cilantro. Not that it tasted bad or anything its just not authentic

* I used the sauce with Monkfish and Shrimp and it was delicious. The next night I had it with steak it also came out nice. Feel free to exipirment with Salsa Verde

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