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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snack Spotlight: Oversized Thai Squid Snack

I found this product in the snack isle of my local Asian market last week. I've seenfish snacks of all sorts but never one this big(2 ft long). I purchased this strictly on size, not really expecting it to taste all that good. There was a card game coming up at my house on the weekend and I decided to serve it as a snack.

When I showed the package to my wife she didn't display the same enthusiasm as I did toward the snack. In fact she ridiculed it and taunted me about it. She even threaten to destroy it before my brethren and I could consume it. I feared that the squid snack wouldn't make it to the card game. I pleaded with her to spare the abnormally large sea snack and she agreed.

So card night came and it was a great time. Good friends, beer and cards. Great combination if you ask me. I even managed to win $40 whilst my rival Butter lost $40. It was brilliant.

I served some food at the game, some soprosata and arugula wrapped around bread sticks and chicken skewers with peanut sauce. I strategically waited until the beers kicked in before I presented them with the squid snack. When I did bring it out there was some mixed reactions. There was some laughter, some tears and even some fear towards it. They had never laid their eyes anything like this before.

When I opened the package there was an immediate odor of the sea. A very strong odor. My dining room was soon engrossed with it. I did not let this odor sway me however. I tore off a little piece and tried it. It had the texture of a fruit roll up . The taste was very fishy with a sweet and spicy aftertaste. It wasn't very appetizing. My cohorts agreed and we disposed of the remains.

I have no regrets nor fond memories of the squid snack. One most be open minded when it comes to sampling cuisine from different cultures but sometimes the road is rocky. There will some hits and misses along the way.

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