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Monday, March 3, 2008

Product Spotlight: Quron Garlic N Herb Chik'n Cutlets

I have always been fascinated by fugazi meat products. Sometimes they are decent and sometimes they are something people in prisons would use as a weapon rather than eat. The product I am reviewing today definitely falls into the category of decent. This is not the first Quron product I have tried. Maybe two years ago I purchased their plain chik'n cutlets and I found them rather bland and forgettable. So when I saw a flavored variety I decided to give them another try.

Quron's niche in the vegetarian food world is that it does not use soy as their base. Instead they use something called Mycoprotein. After reading the description on the carton and some more research I found out MP is actually a fermented fungi product that is naturally high in protein, and lowin calories and low in fat. Even though I am a big mushroom fan hearing the term fungi doesn't really make my mouth water. But whatever I have consumed so much questionable eats over the years some fermented fungi shouldn't really put me off.

It was easy enough to prepare 450 degrees for 20-25 minutes flipping once halfway. It actually wasn't that bad. As advertised on the carton it was crispy on the outside. The cutlet itself did have the texture of chicken more so than I remembered. It was on the dry side but considering the health benefits of it I was able to deal with it. I suppose you could sauce it up with some tomato sauce or something to offset the dryness. Maybe down the road I will consider that.

Final verdict? Well I don't think the poultry industry has anything to worry about but you may want to give this fungi a try. Especially if you are someone who is trying to cut down on cholesterol and fat in your diet.

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Anonymous said...

My hairdresser recommended using Quron frozen organic Breaded Chicken Patties to prepare Maki, as it tastes like tempura shrimp when rolled up in the rice and nori.

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