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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whole Canned Chicken?

First and foremost this is not a review it's more of a PSA to the citizens of the world that such a product exists. Somethings should not be canned. A whole chicken is one of them. I understand and have even purchased chicken canned chicken meat but the thought of stuffing a whole bird in a can is utterly repulsive. What would prompt someone to purchase this anyway? The only logical reason I can see is to prepare for a post apocalyptical food shortage but even then I might just vie for some Spam. I think the government should maybe budget some money to research who buys this product and do background checks on them. I might even go as far to suggest that parents who would feed this foul(no its not a typo) product to their children be stripped of the parental rights and be placed in some sort of correction faculty. Ok, maybe that's a little extreme but I feel chicken is inexpensive and easy enough to prepare that one would not have to resort to having to buy a whole cooked canned chicken.

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Anonymous said...

Actually it is not a bad product for a quick meal. I use it for a chicken and rice dish. I use the broth to cook the rice in(no other seasoning required) and I debone the chicken and place in with the rice and cook all at once. My kids love it. Not a product I would put in a roaster and brown but for use in a casserole it does have the right balance of white and dark meat for the best flavor.

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