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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dinner Tonight: Seared Tuna Steak

When I was a growing up I do not ever remember tuna being a staple on restaurant menus regularly. Maybe because people associated tuna with mushy meat that was stuffed into a can with an aroma akin to bait. But let me tell you tuna is no chicken of the sea its more of a Fillet Mignon of the ocean. I would have to think that the Japanese should take some credit for showing the world that to really enjoy tuna it should be consumed in a rare or raw state. Think about the first piece of sushi or sashami you ever tasted and I would wager that most people first started with a raw piece of tuna of some sort. The meaty flavor almost has no fishy taste when raw , the texture is firm and the deep red color is eye catching on a plate.

1 1/2 lb tuna steak
Chinese Five Spice
1 tspn fresh grated ginger
2 tblspn Peanut Oil
Dash Soy Sauce
4 oz white wine( or Saki )
Juice from half of lemon

Rinse and dry the Tuna Steak. Rub both sides of the steak generously with Chinese Five Spice. Heat up the Peanut Oil on medium high heat in a skillet and add the ginger. Cook for a minute or two and add the tuna. Sear for three minutes without touching the steak to insure you get good caramelazation on the outside of the tuna. Flip over after the three minutes is up. Add a few drops of soy sauce to the pan. Do not be alarmed when the Soy Sauce smokes and caramelizes. Cook for an additional three minutes and remove from pan and slice. At this point your skillet will have a syrupy glaze from the burnt Soy Sauce. Lower the heat and add the white wine to the pan scraping the pan to release of burnt bits. Add lemon juice and reduce mixture by fifty percent and pour over sliced tuna.

Serves One

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