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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snack Spotlight: Blue Diamond Maui Onion Garlic Almonds

In a market flooded with peanuts of every sort, cashews and of course the macadamia who would've thought the almond would be able to excel in such a nutty market. Flavored almonds are nothing new, in fact I remember a long time ago having smoked almonds (actually I think they just have smoke 'flavoring' added to them) and I liked them right away. Recently the folks over at Blue Diamond came out with the Bold line of almonds. One of the flavors they are selling is Maui Onion and Garlic. Maui Onion's as the name implies comes from the volcanic rich soils of Hawaii and from what I have read are very sweet compared to the yellow onion most of us cry over here in the mainland. I am sure the onion flavor in the almonds pales in comparison to the real thing but they do indeed have a sweet onion taste with a bite of garlic. Almonds themselves are very low in carbs and high in Vitamin E and Monosataurated Fat(the good fat the lowers cholesterol). Next time your are in the chip aisle on your supermarket try picking up some of these bad boys instead


calder said...

these are so good, i get a 1.5 oz. bag every night after work. i am trying the lime & chili kind now, they are also very good.

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