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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lunch Today: Pan Fried Smelts

I am posting this to encourage people to try some different ingredients more so than to post a recipe. Unless I am mistaken I do not think most of my friends and family eat Smelt on a regular basis. Maybe they should though. Smelts travel in schools around the shores of the cold waters of North America. They are a fresh water fish with a very mild sweet taste. They are usually enjoyed fried.

I simply mixed some flour with a little salt and dredged the fish shaking off excess flour. Then I added the filet's to a pan I had heating up with oil. You want to just coat the bottom of the pan and then add a little more oil after all I am pan frying not deep frying. Make sure the oil is hot. What I do is throw a little clump of flour in the pan, if it bubble vigorously around the flour that should be hot enough. Cook the Smelts three minutes on each side then transfer to a paper towel. I squeezed some lemon juice on them and dusted them with Old Bay Seasoning.


*The Smelts I purchased were cleaned already but the spine was still attached. After the Smelts are cooked you can remove the spine with a fork rather easily.

*Don't be put off by eating the skin of this fish. Pan frying the fish makes the skin nice and crisy

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