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Monday, December 3, 2007

Dinner Tonight: Seared Duck Breast w/ Apricot Glaze

Welcome quack everybody. Ducks really do have a soft spot in my stomach. Their crispy skin and gamy taste really does it for me gastronomically. Because of the aforementioned gamy taste duck is usually prepared in a sweet fruit sauce.

Tonight I prepared a boneless duck breast with a quick and easy apricot glaze. First step is to rinse the breast and pat dry. With a sharp knife make vertical scores through the skin without cutting the meat. Make one every inch or so. This helps render the fat during cooking for a more crispy duck. Heat up skillet on medium high without any oil. Place the breast in the skillet skin side down for eight minutes. You might want to put a splatter shield over your skillet because things could get messy with all that yummy duck fat frying. After the eight minutes is up flip the breast over for another four minutes and remove from the skillet and season with salt and pepper. Let the breast sit for a few minutes before slicing.

For the sauce heat up a drop of olive oil(not extra virgin) in a small sauce pan and add one finely chopped garlic clove. Cook the garlic for two minutes and add 1/4 cup orange juice and two tea spoons of apricot preserves. Add a dash of allspice,cayenne pepper and cilantro. Bring to a boil stirring often then lower the heat. Let the mixture blend and thicken and pour over the breast.


* They say you should serve duck medium rare but I prefer medium and that is how I prepared it. If you want to serve it medium rare cut a minute off cooking time one each side.

*After you are done cooking the duck you are going to have a skillet full of duck fat. Please do not throw this away. Duck fat is a prized cooking agent and you can even buy it by the tub online. Use it instead of oil or butter next time you cook a savory dish. But if you insist on discarding please do so correctly. I moonlight as a Duck Fat Collector(DFC) and I can come to your home or office to collect your duck fat. Email me at for details and collection hours.

*For the sauce you can subsitute the Allspice with Nutmeg. Also the cayenne pepper is optional I just like the sweet heat.

* Apricot Glaze is great on chicken too

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