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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dinner Tonight: Chicken Oreganata w/ Broccoli Rabe

Chicken Oreganata is a classic Greek dish that is tasty,healthy and easy to make. The blend of garlic, lemon and oregano really match well together. Tonight I used chicken breasts but this recipe works very well with other cuts of the chicken.

3 boneless and skinless Chicken Breasts

4 garlic cloves chopped

1 teaspoon dried oregano

Juice of one lemon

1/3 Cup Olive Oil(not extra virgin)

Put chopped garlic,oregano, lemon juice and oil into a large freezer bag. Rinse the chicken off and pat dry. Add the chicken into the bag and give it a couple of good shakes to blend all of the ingredients together. Put the bag into a bowl(just in case the bag leaks) and refrigerate overnight. If you want to make this recipe in the same day you can get some good flavorful chicken by just marinating a few hours.

Remove chicken from the bag and discard the marinade. Set your grill for medium high and let it get nice and hot. I usually don't put anything on my grill until the barbecue temperature reaches around 450 degrees. By doing so you will guarantee some nice grill marks on your chicken. Cook the breasts about 7 minutes on each side depending upon the thickness. Add a little salt and pepper to taste right after you take them off. The rule of thumb is to cook chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees. I like to take them off when the reach about 160 because the meat will continue to cook after it is removed from the flame. This will prevent the breasts from having a dry texture. I sliced the chicken into strips and served.

If you ask five people how to make broccoli rabe you might get five different answers. Some say you must blanch(quickly boil) some say not to. Some may tell you to peel the stem some will say not to. Even this blogger hasn't really decided the 'best' way but I can tell you it turned out pretty good tonight.

1 bunch broccoli rabe

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

3 garlic cloves sliced

1/3 cup chicken broth

1 dash of white cooking wine

1 dash red pepper flakes

First thing I did was fill my sink with water and put the BR(broccoli rabe) in to let a soak for a few minutes to clean it. I got some water boiling in the meantime to blanch the BR. Once the water started a nice rolling boil I added the BR and boiled it for 3 minutes. While the BR is boiling get a large bowl of ice water ready. After the three minutes is up remove the BR from the boiling water and place it in the bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process.

Heat up the olive oil in a large skillet and add the garlic. Once the garlic starts to get brown on the edges add chicken stock and the wine. Bring the liquid to a boil and lower the heat and add the BR and cover. Let it cook for about five minutes. Remove cover and cook for another five minutes stirring the BR here and there. When most of the liquid is evaporated and the BR is nice and tender remove and serve. I added a little red pepper flake but the is totally optional.

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