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Monday, December 17, 2007

Product Spotlight: Recaito

Cilantro cilantro, where art tho cilantro? Actually it is in the international food section of your supermarket.

Using fresh herbs in dishes is always preferable but sometimes its not always cost effective. Many recipes call for small amount of fresh herbs but you cannot purchase herbs by the sprig and more times than not it winds up going bad(at least in my case). This is where a product like Recaito comes in handy. Recaito is a cilantro(aka coriander) cooking base made by the Latin food moguls Goya. This is a very useful product to have laying around because a lot of recipes call for cilantro. It works great in dishes that require Cilantro, such as Guacamole and Pico Di Gallo. Also it works well with rice. Mix in it in with some white rice to give it a more refined taste.

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